Healthy Lifestyles and Beautiful Views on Display at the 2017 Salinas Valley Half Marathon

Aug 10th, 2017

This past weekend, Team Taylor once again joined forces with the Big Sur International Marathon team to host the annual Salinas Valley Half Marathon. Starting bright and early, the 13.1-mile race began at the Soledad Mission with runners and volunteers from all regions of the Valley coming out to support this community event.

Participants embraced the 13.1-mile challenge, enjoying beautiful sceneries of lush vegetation and wineries throughout their run, and finishing at the Pessagno Winery in Gonzales, California.

Music, wine, and barbecue lunch awaited participants at the race’s finish festival. Runners also refueled at the Taylor Farms booth, where they replenished their nutrients with our fresh, healthy snack trays, made locally in Gonzales. Team Taylor also handed out fun stickers, fruit singles, and coupons for our Original Chopped Salads Kits.

“It was rewarding to see all of our hard work pay off into a successful event”, said Vanessa MacDonald, who is interning with Taylor Farms this summer. “Because Taylor Farms is a founding sponsor of the Salinas Valley Half Marathon, this was a great responsibility given to us, and our intern team was happy to take it on this year.”

Team Taylor enjoys having this opportunity to support healthy lifestyles in our local community and highlight the beauty of the Salinas Valley, and this year the participants, volunteers, and sponsors made the 2017 Salinas Valley Half Marathon a success once again.

“We were very happy to finally produce our first event in this area,” said race director Doug Thurston. “The generous support from Taylor Farms, both financially and operationally, allowed us to present a first-class race and showcase the bounty of our area. We are proud that Taylor Farms has remained a strong partner since the inception of the Salinas Valley Half Marathon.”

Way to go, team!

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