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Bringing It Home: Fanoe Ranch

Jun 14th, 2019

In a recent episode of Bringing It Home, Laura McIntosh heads to Salinas, California, home of Taylor Farms, to meet the farmers behind leafy greens. One farmer whose family has been making it work for over 100 years is Nick Fanoe. Laura learns more about their rich family history and about what it truly means to be a sustainable farmer. Laura brings two starred Michelin chef Val Cantu from California’s restaurant in San Francisco to the farm. Together they create vibrant dishes.


The Fanoe family has farming roots that stem back five generations to 1870, when the family first immigrated from Denmark to begin farming fresh vegetables in the Salinas Valley. As a 5th generation farmer, Nick Fanoe carries on his family’s farming heritage and way of life. Nick and his team of twenty employees grow high quality lettuce, spinach and broccoli for customers on a scenic 700+ acre ranch nestled in the foothills of Salinas Valley. Fanoe Ranch has grown from humble beginnings as a simple pasture to a nimble family operation that produces over a million pounds of fresh vegetables weekly, something his ancestors never could have imagined possible. Nick has proficiently sustained his family ranch, which has been in production for over 100 years, though his knowledge gained from living and working the land his whole life.

Bringing It Home is the cooking, travel, lifestyle series with Laura McIntosh, the James Beard and Emmy Nominated Host, that’s not only the first of its kind in “farm to table” programming but also a lifestyle travelogue series with interesting and entertaining segments on cooking, culture and being a true locavore. Each episode of Bringing it Home takes viewers across America with regular stops in Louisiana, California, Boston, Chicago, Florida and more introducing viewers to local chefs, local farmers, and local fun. Laura McIntosh presents Bringing it Home to explore the beauty behind the food, the innovation from chefs, the motivation of farmers and the personalities behind all things fresh. Laura McIntosh wants to take you on a flavor filled journey through the hearts and minds of farmers, chefs and the communities that bring us closer to home. On Bringing It Home, Laura McIntosh is our personal guide speaking with each viewer individually about what’s amazing and important about people, farming, eating, cooking, growing, traveling and living. No matter where we are in the world, the one thing that brings us together is food.


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