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Technological Innovations in the Fields Help Transform the Ag Workforce

Apr 4th, 2017

California’s agriculture industry has been experiencing numerous industry challenges fueled by a tighter regulatory environment in CA, widespread labor shortages, and increased costs of doing business. However, we know for every challenge, there is a creative solution, and our solution hinges on accelerating innovation in our farming and processing practices.

We continue to develop and invest in advanced field technologies, like our automated harvesters, which increase efficiency and provide an improved ergonomic environment for harvest crew employees. Our automated machines eliminate the need for bent over, hand harvest, and create jobs where employees are sorting, selecting, and packaging while standing upright under shaded canopies.

Taylor Farms’ Automatic Romaine Harvester

Taylor Farms’ Automated Celery Harvester

To make these technological innovations a reality, we began developing automated field machines seven years ago. Two years later, we introduced our revolutionary Automated Romaine Harvester which utilizes a water jet knife technology to cut the romaine, our first step in eliminating the need for traditional hand harvest.   Within the past two years, we have also introduced an Automated Celery Harvester and now, our newest mechanical marvel, an Automated Cabbage Harvester!

This technology is very new, but we know it will be beneficial to both our company and our employees. Additionally, we’re happy to report that over the past three years we have seen a growing number of new workers in their 20’s and 30’s, specifically for our automated machine crews!

Taylor Farms’ Automated Cabbage Harvester

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