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A Brighter Outlook with Brighter Bites

Mar 7th, 2019

At Taylor Farms, we believe in making healthy fresh foods accessible to families across North America. This is why we are so excited to partner with Brighter Bites, a like-minded organization who shares our vision of creating communities of health through fresh foods. Brighter Bites is a visionary, Houston-based nonprofit that provides fresh fruits and veggies to families who lack regular access to fresh food, while teaching them how to use and choose a healthier kind of “fast food”.

So how exactly does it work? Brighter Bites has cultivated an effective, three-part formula that combines produce distribution with nutrition education and a fun food experience. During the 16-week program, elementary school children and their families receive brown bags bursting with 50 servings of fresh produce each week– enough to satisfy a family of four with two extra servings of fruits and veggies a day!

“Together we built a program that promised a weekly commitment of produce donations from us throughout the Brighter Bites season,” said Mark Clement, Taylor Farms Texas. “We wanted to make sure these families had accessibility to wholesome, high-quality produce that they could be proud to take home and try. I’m excited and encouraged by what we have accomplished with Brighter Bites for the good of our children and community.”

One year in and the impact is REAL. Together, Taylor Farms and Brighter Bites have provided over 95,000 pounds of fresh produce to 5,040families across local communities in the Dallas area (serving over 25,000 individuals). With efforts to expand our reach with this proven model, our Taylor Farms team in Mexico has joined the Brighter Bites mission, supporting program expansion into additional Texas communities. We are excited to continue to grow our partnership with Brighter Bites and together, cultivate communities of health!

To learn more about Brighter Bites please visithttps://www.brighterbites.org/

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