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Celebrating Steps to a Sustainable Future

Apr 14th, 2017

This week we announced a new renewable and alternative energy system at our facility in Gonzales, CA. This three-tiered system will utilize wind, solar, and cogeneration energy to help Taylor Farms in our goal to power a sustainable future.

Team Taylor Farms with Mayor Maria Orozco, City of Gonzales and project partners to cut the ribbon

This newest initiative, officially unveiled yesterday at a ribbon cutting ceremony, is a case study for energy independence and will offset energy usage at the fresh foods processing plant by an average of 90%, making it the first advanced system of its kind in the agriculture industry. With the use of natural gas and on-site energy production, this system is 21 percent cleaner than a utility grid.

The ceremony yesterday featured a keynote from Bruce Taylor, our founder and CEO, who spoke about the continued growth of Taylor Farms’ sustainability efforts. Nicole Flewell, our Director of Sustainability, introduced Mayor of Gonzales Maria Orozco and representatives from REC Solar, Foundation Wind Power, and Concentric Power, who spoke on how this unique energy eco-system was made possible and the benefits Taylor Farms and the Gonzales community have already experienced.

From Left to right: Mayor Maria Orozco, City of Gonzales | Nicole Flewell, Director of Sustainability, Taylor Farms | Bruce Taylor, Chairman and CEO, Taylor Farms | Kevin Hauck, VP of Business Development, Foundation Wind Power | Jared Friedman, Director of Commercial Sales, REC Solar | Brian Curtis, Founder and CEO, Concentric Power

A Three-Part Renewable and Alternative Energy System

  • The wind turbine, installed in November 2014, is a 1 MW GE wind turbine. Since its installment, it has produced an annual energy offset of 16 percent.
  • The 1 MW solar array, consisting of 3,578 panels, was installed in July 2016 with an annual energy offset of 10 percent.
  • The natural-gas-powered cogeneration system, the latest addition to the Gonzales facility, was installed this month and is expected to produce an annual energy offset of 64 percent.

Wind Turbine = 16% offset l Solar = 10% offset l Cogen = 64% offset

Taylor Farms’ investments in sustainability projects have been widely embraced by customers and partners nationwide. Taylor Farms plans to continue pursuing opportunities to lead renewables projects across North America, with each project taking the company one-step further in its dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint, while delivering healthy fresh foods to our consumers.

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