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Five Ways to Green Up Your Office Space

Mar 21st, 2017

This week — leading up to Earth Day on Saturday — we’re recognizing Green Office Week with five tips on how to make your office more sustainable.

  1. Print on both sides of paper: Cut your paper use in half!
  2. Only print emails when needed: There is no need to print out everything. Instead, make files in your email to find important emails easily and only print when it’s absolutely necessary (and when you do print, refer to tip #1).
  3. Invest in reusable kitchenware: Stock your company’s kitchen with reusable plates, bowls, and silverware to help limit the number of paper plates and plastic forks, knives, and spoons used.
  4. Skip the elevator, take the stairs: Saves all the energy of running an elevator (and it’s good for your health!)
  5. Ride your bike to work: This one is a win, win, win … Save gas, reduce automobile emissions, and get a workout!

What green initiatives will you implement this week?

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