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Smart Farm Equipment Helps Feed the World

Aug 18th, 2017

The changing global climate in agriculture has fueled advancements in our fields. With the human population at a steady increase, the demand for more efficient harvesting of crops — faster with less waste — goes up as well. The introduction of automated harvesters in our fields has increased productivity and efficiency of our harvest, while providing a safer and more ergonomically beneficial environment for our employees.

Because of innovations like automated harvesters, Taylor Farms was recently included in an Intel IQ article, Smart Farm Equipment Helps Feed the World, that included a 360 degree video of the automated romaine harvester in action.

The automated harvester uses computer optics to “see” the romaine and the water jet knife technology that cuts it. A conveyor belt moves the lettuce heads up to the platform for real time packing in the field. From there, the freshly harvested product is sent immediately to market.

Read the full Intel IQ feature here to learn more about the efficiency of automated harvesting machinery. To see how Taylor Farms is utilizing technology and automation in other areas of the business, check out this article from WIRED.

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