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Taylor Farms Partners with Labor of Love to Surprise Crews in Yuma

Feb 17th, 2017

Yesterday, we teamed up with “Labor of Love,” a program that gives thanks to the farming community, to surprise nearly 30 members of our automated celery harvester and automated cabbage harvester crews in Yuma, AZ with breakfast, coffee, gift bags filled with $25 Wal-Mart gift cards, new gloves, and handwritten Thank You notes.

Celery Harvester Crew

When asked about the day’s surprise, Juan Luis Ramos, automated cabbage operator, Taylor Farms, said, “We are motivated to do better work. I like working at Taylor Farms because it is a good team. Everyone is united and very caring.”

Taylor Farms team members in front of an automated cabbage harvester: Chris Rotticci, Juan Luis Ramos, and Christina Barnard

Last August, the Yuma-based “Labor of Love” brought the program to Salinas, CA and we were able to recognize our team members there.

Celery Harvester Members

“At Taylor Farms we don’t have employees, we have family members,” said Christina Barnard, director of marketing at Taylor Farms. “And we pride ourselves on taking care of one another. With a family culture being our foundation, it is essential that we show appreciation and support to team members across the company.”

Celery Harvester Members

It is because of our team members’ dedication that we are able to deliver the best quality fresh food products everyday, and partnering with Labor of Love is a terrific way recognize all of their hard work.

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