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Taylor Farms and Sakata Seed Surprise Salinas Community with Flower Bouquets

Oct 13th, 2017

Taylor Farms and Sakata Seed America partnered to participate in the Society of American Florists’ “Petal It Forward” flower giveaway event in Salinas, CA to promote paying it forward initiatives.

Representatives from Taylor Farms and Sakata Seed surprised people on the streets of Salinas City Center and surrounding areas with two flower bouquets, encouraging them to keep one and gift the other. The teams handed out over 400 bouquets of flowers, each of which, as an added bonus, included a Taylor Farms coupon!


A new survey has found that, when it comes to flowers, it’s just as good to give as it is to receive. With this data in mind, the program is not only spreading happiness to the people who received the flowers, but arming those recipients with the tools they need to “Petal It Forward” and spread happiness to others.

A very special thank you to Kitayama Brothers and Green Valley Floral for donating the flowers to this project. Without their generous support, this event could not have happened.



The “Petal It Forward” program took place in more than 273 cities across 50 states and was designed to promote the understanding of the emotional value of giving and receiving flowers.

“I loved being part of this program. Seeing the look on people’s faces when we handed them bouquets was priceless,” said Katrina Gargiulo of Taylor Farms. “I’m so grateful to be a part of a company that  gives us opportunities to participate in special programs like this one and to Sakata Seed for their partnership.”


Petal it Forward

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