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Thanksgiving with a twist, literally!

Nov 2nd, 2017

It’s the time of year where gathering around a table with loved ones for a delicious meal is our focus, and that doesn’t always mean home-cooked. Nowadays, plenty of diners actually expect their Thanksgiving meal to be better!  So use Taylor Farms Veggie Noodles to turn the ordinary offerings into an extraordinary dining experience!

When planning your menu, consider this: half of us will cater some portion of the meal at home and 1 in 10 will dine out on Thanksgiving Day. Second, 70% of diners say healthy menu items influence where they dine out.

Now, we know being innovative takes time, time you don’t have. With Taylor Farms you can get all your seasonal vegetables from a single source, cutting  time without losing creativity. Taylor Farms Zucchini and Squash noodles are spiralized and ready to go. Saute yellow squash noodles with our fresh spinach and finish with a creamy cashew sauce, or toss perfectly prepared zucchini noodles with a homemade Taylor Farms baby spinach and arugula pesto.  Any way you spiralize it, you win with Team Taylor this fall. Order today with our sales office Ph# 831-754-1715.

From our table to yours, raising a glass and giving thanks in 2017!

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