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“The Move” – Five Things You May Not Know🚚

Nov 15th, 2018

As most people are preparing for Thanksgiving, our Taylor Farms Foodservice team has been busy preparing for the annual move from Salinas, CA to Yuma, AZ.

Well today, is the day!  Here are 5 fun facts about the unimaginable – moving an entire vegetable processing facility and equipment over 550 miles!🥦🚚

  1. As a source based supplier, we follow the vegetable growing seasons to harvest and process the highest quality product possible – this means our core growing program transitions between California’s Central Coast to the “Desert” (aka Yuma, AZ and El Centro, CA) every winter through the Spring.
  2. Planning for next years move begins at the end of the current move. Matias Ramirez, our very own Director of Facilities and Automation, has been with every Taylor Farms move since the company was founded in 1995.
  3. 200 people are involved in “the move” process – A diverse group of department leaders including maintenance, production, engineering, shipping and food safety.
  4. All of the equipment is pulled apart and put back together in a span of 56 hours (which also includes the 10 hour drive to get the machines down there).
  5. We move 1400 tons of equipment with 140 flatbeds!  Our local sourcing model  has environmentally friendly transportation benefits, reducing the amount of food miles our raw product travels – saving 445 trucks off the road, 650,000 gallons of gas and 4 million food miles



Check out our time lapse video on the move and follow us on @taylorfarmsfoodservice to our NEW highlight story on the 2018 move.


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