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Without Our Farmers, Where Would We Be?

Oct 17th, 2017

Taylor Farms and Labor of Love headed to the fields to recognize the men and women of the automated romaine harvester crew.

Partnering with Labor of Love we surprised the crew in Watsonville, CA with breakfast burritos, gift cards, and sweepstakes items as a thank you for their hard work and service to the agriculture industry.


“We believe in celebrating the talents, dedication and hard work of our team members,” said Adri Crawford of Taylor Farms. “Taylor Farms is extremely appreciative of the great work our employees do every day, and partnering with Labor of Love is one way to show our thanks.”


Special prizes and recognition were given to two team members, Juan Ramon Pompa Guillen and Danny Garcia. Guillen is a machine operator who was recognized for his dedication to teaching and mentoring those around him. He continuously strives to educate other team members on all facets of the operation, from machine safety practices to quality inspection. Garcia was recognized for efforts in his role as a Mechanic at Automated Harvesting Company. He began his career in agriculture one year ago, and has quickly developed his skill set, becoming a key part of the team with his innovative ideas and work ethic.

“The Labor of Love program is an incredible way of showing our team how much we appreciate their dedication and expertise” said Mark Bolding of Automated Harvesting. “This program brings a smile to our team as well as the people that lead it. Thank you so much, Taylor Farms and Labor of Love.”


About Labor of Love

In 2015, the Yuma, Arizona community started a unique program, Labor of Love, for the opportunity to thank those for their hard work and service in agriculture on behalf of the industry as well as the community. The Labor of Love program includes surprise meals delivered to various farms, random acts of kindness to workers, a Facebook page with posts devoted to sharing stories of various workers, a website that shares their stories, and an opportunity for the community to become involved.

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