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Fun New Products!🥗

Sep 5th, 2018


Earlier this summer, we invited you to taste the rainbow of colors here at Taylor Farms. Now, here they are in the form of three new products! Our Baby Kale and Radicchio Blend, Heritage Spring Mix and Super Kale Slaw are all of our new creations rich in nutrients and vibrant in COLOR.

Inspired by the traditional carrots and cabbage blends, we stepped up the coleslaw game to create the Super Kale Slaw by adding Taylor Farms kale, cauli-pearls and broccoli slaw to the mix. This crunchy, colorful blend is perfect on it’s own with a tangy dressing, on top of burgers, or as the veggie base of a house-made ceviche.

Now that the secret is out about the superfood benefits of kale, finding great pairings for it is becoming more popular too!  The Baby Kale and Radicchio blend holds up well with dressing, is beautiful on the plate, and makes a delicious base for a sweet or savory salad with a variety of proteins.

One of our most popular Taylor Farms blends is our delicious Heritage Blend. Although it is nutrient packed as is, we decided to take it a step further and add chard, baby spinach, arugula and baby kale.  This Heritage Spring Mix could be used to start off your morning as a breakfast salad, topped with quinoa or atop avocado toast.

Our Taylor Farms’ kitchen is always innovating and focusing on pushing the boundaries of creativity and inspiration for salad blends that pack a powerful healthy punch.

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