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PMA 2018: Time to Tackle Industry Challenges!💪🥗🥕🥦

Aug 3rd, 2018


Taylor Farms is ready to tackle new challenges! The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Foodservice Conference & Expo last week provided an opportunity for Team Taylor to showcase innovative strategies around industry challenges and new culinary concepts. The week prior to the event, customers from all over the country came to tour our fields and plant operations before hitting the expo floor.

With the company’s innovative culture, Taylor Farms has come up with solutions to combat widespread labor shortages and an aging workforce population. Taylor Farms has implemented automation and robotic initiatives in both their field and plant operations. This year, Taylor Farms invested more than $1 million dollars in opening new employee training centers in Salinas, CA and Yuma, AZ.  These learning facilities will further educate TF employees in the evolving technology in the industry and help them advance within the company.


Food safety has always been a priority for Taylor Farms. At this year’s PMA, the company’s subsidiary, SmartWash Solutions, announced its new solution that will be added to the processing of cut vegetables. SmartWash Boost process is a revolutionary game changer in produce food safety- take a look.


At the Expo, Taylor Farms showcased new products and provided culinary creativity alongside of Chef Matthew Beckett from Linn’s Restaurant in Cambria, CA. He was able to provide a variety of dishes to our customers using TF products. The booth exhibited mock meatballs made with veggie noodles and arugula chimichurri sauce, seared ahi tuna with cauliflower pearls risotto cakes, pickled Asian veggie noodle salad with short rib and a street elote salad made with our new super veggie slaw. We appreciate everyone who spent time with Taylor Farms this PMA and hope to see you again in 2019.


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