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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 ‍

Nov 22nd, 2017

It’s happened to all of us or a loved one at least once in life: you quickly agree to host Thanksgiving Dinner without stopping to think first about the ramifications that come with being the hero. Sure you get to pull out your “fancy” flatware you never use, and finally get to buy the gravy boat you’ve always envied but knew you would  only use as a flower vase, but let’s be real, the fun stops there. It’s the working around awkward seat assignments, meal prep and more meal prep, the actual cooking time and energy, enduring the “Is this burnt?” side comments, and the dreaded clean up that really should just teach you a lesson for good. Each year the number of people who opt-out of cooking and dine-out, instead grows significantly.  What’s more is people are looking for innovative dishes and chefs are vying for the top spot to wow your palate on such a special day.  Taylor Farms is leading the way with fresh and healthy menu options that go way beyond a garnish.
We at Taylor Farms believe a delicious meal like this one is best left to the experts to prepare, and you to indulge in.  After all, spending time with the ones you love is much more important than stressing about creating the perfect whipped cream peaks on the pumpkin pie.

So we invite you to enjoy the finer things with us this year, great company and even better food.  Happy Thanksgiving from your Taylor Farms team!


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