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Juggling Lettuce 🎪🤹🏻🚛

Nov 17th, 2017

Much like the circus (a large group of people travelling together on the circuit of a high-profile activity), which involves tearing down the show, traveling through the night to set up in the next town; Taylor Farms California, a subsidiary of Taylor Fresh Foods, is in the middle of moving the show from Salinas, California and preparing for the next opening acts’ in Yuma, Arizona. It is the company’s semi-annual transition of its foodservice processing facility. This transition takes place every year in November, in conjunction with the seasonal change in growing regions from the Salinas Valley to the Yuma area. It’s all about juggling the lettuce, by centralizing processing facilities near the fields, Taylor Farms can process its value-added products within hours of harvesting.

Although, there are many “acts” going on at the same time, it is anything but chaotic. It is very well-orchestrated. The facilities in Salinas and in Yuma are 571 miles apart, and a crew of over 200 talented people completes the transition in less than 56 hours. Our top talent consists of experts in vegetable growing, production, and processing along with our top stars who range from mechanics to technicians to refrigeration engineers, to pull it all together. To make this happen, 1,400 tons of production equipment must be unbolted from the floor, taken apart, loaded on 72 trucks and driven to its destination in Yuma. Upon arrival, each piece of equipment is then unloaded and re-built; completely cleaned, sterilized, and prepared before the start of the show.

Everyone on the team plays a critical role in making the relocation a success. The show in Yuma will continue with long hours of rehearsals throughout the weekend to ensure we have fresh products to enjoy this holiday season. We are very thankful for our talent who juggles the lettuce and balances the processing act. Let the show begin!

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